It's What's Inside That Counts: 3 Different Types of Popular Hollow Steel Door Cores

Hollow steel doors are an industry favorite because of their durability, versatility and strength. When properly maintained and installed, hollow steel doors can often last over 30 years or longer without requiring large repairs. The outer steel is a strong barrier preventing intruders from gaining access inside, but what really counts is what's inside. The type of material that the core is made from makes a world of a difference. Hollow steel doors can be made from different cores—all with unique properties.

Dealing With Broken Garage Door Springs? Here's What You'll Want To Know

The majority of garage door failures can be traced back to the garage door springs. The springs provide the mechanical assistance needed to open and close the garage doors with minimal effort. If and when these springs break, the simple act of opening and closing the garage door can put more strain on you (or your garage door opener, if you have one equipped).The following information offers some pointers on garage door spring repair​.

Unique Ways To Use Overhead Doors In Your Home

Garage doors are no longer only for the garage. Garage doors, also known as overhead doors, can replace walls and doors in your home to give your living space a fresh new look. Here are some great ideas for adding a garage door to your house, along with the benefits of doing so. Kitchen If you have people over often, having a garage door in your kitchen is a great way to entertain.

Make Your Own Carriage-House Garage Door For A Fraction Of The Retail Price

When you're looking for a traditional carriage-house garage door, you may experience sticker shock. These types of garage doors are among the most expensive of them all, with prices reaching close to $2,000. But, you don't need to put yourself in the poor house just to get a new garage door. Instead, follow these instructions to learn how to make a new door for a fraction of the retail price tag:

3 Problems Causing Your Garage Door's Crooked Cycles

You've used your garage door on a daily basis for the past several years. Whether you're beginning your morning commute, pulling lawn tools out of your garage, or simply letting in some fresh air, you've been able to press a button on your wall and have your door open without a problem. However, your door is now becoming more and more crooked each time you cycle your door. Instead of ignoring this problem, inspect your door assembly for one of these issues: