3 Extras You Need To Add To Your Garage Door When You Have Pets

Having pets run around can make a house a little bit happier. If you have cats, dogs, or both, you know how difficult it can be to keep them sequestered in one room. A lot of pet owners will allow their dogs and cats to roam the house freely with just a few rules. If you allow your pets to go anywhere in the house, one room they may roam into is the garage. For the pet owners who allow their pets in the garage, you may need to invest in extra equipment for your garage and garage door in order to keep the pets safe and happy. 

1. Have your garage door changed to detect small motions

Many garage doors can detect when a person or when a car is in the way of the garage door. A smaller cat or a tiny dog may not be detected by the garage door, especially an old garage door. Have a garage repair person come to update your garage door. Ask for the garage repair company to install a motion detector that can detect anything in the way of the garage door closing. If there is anything obstructing the garage door or within a short distance of the door, the garage door should stop its descent. This will keep your pets safe in case they tend to dart out when the garage door opens or closes. 

2. Put a light in the garage door itself

Most garages will have a light on the ceiling that turns on when the garage door goes up. Instead of just depending on the light in the garage to give you a good view, you should have an led light installed at the bottom of the garage door itself. A garage door repair service can add an led light strip to the bottom of the garage door so that you will be able to have a better view of the garage as you are pulling in. This way you will be able to spot your pet inside of the garage well before the rest of the garage door raises and exposes the light. This will stop you from driving into a space where your pet is resting. 

3. Install a noise alarm

You can install a noise alarm to beep when you hit the button for the garage door to raise or close. This will alert your pet that the garage door will be opening and that they should move out of the space of the cars. Train your pet to move to a safe area of the garage when they hear this noise. This will alert your pet to move to the safety area so that you can get in and out of the garage without having to worry about them being in the way. 

For more information, contact your local garage door repair services.