Common Forms Of Damage That Residential Garage Doors May Encounter

Malfunctioning garage doors can be a common problem for modern homes. Garage doors are highly complicated, and there can be many different issues that they can experience over the time that you live in your house. More precisely, you may find that there are three particular issues that can arise with your home's garage.

Damaged Torsion Springs

The garage door is extremely heavy, and a powerful torsion spring is used to help the motor more easily lift and lower the door. Typically, torsion springs will last for many years without needing any major maintenance. However, these springs will eventually start to degrade. This degradation will occur from a variety of causes. For example, corrosion can gradually cause these springs to weaken, which can lead to them breaking. When one of these systems is suffering from a damaged torsion spring, the door will be unable to lift, and you may notice that the system makes a very loud bang or grinding sound. Repairing a damaged torsion spring can be an extremely dangerous task due to the extreme stress that this spring experiences, and it is imperative for you to only allow a professional to repair this part of the garage door.

Water Leaking Through The Door

A water damaged garage can be a serious problem for your house as it can cause mold and mildew to spread throughout the house. Weatherstripping on the garage will prevent most water from seeping through the gaps in the panels. Unfortunately, the weatherstripping will eventually have to be replaced. This occurs because the weatherstripping will start to become brittle and the adhesive may start to weaken. These issues can cause the weatherstripping to pull away from the garage door, which can allow substantial amounts of water through it. Luckily, replacing the weatherstripping is a fairly simple task as you will only need to pull off the old weatherstripping before putting an adhesive on the door and installing a new weatherstripping.

Faulty Opener

You garage door opener will allow you to conveniently and easily open the door without having to exit your vehicle. Unfortunately, this opener may eventually experience problems that will prevent it from opening. Dead batteries are the most common problem for these devices, and you will want to keep a spare set of batteries around so that you can quickly swap them out. Another common problem will be the opener becoming deprogrammed. When this occurs, it will not be able to open the door until you reprogram it. The steps for reprogramming your garage door opener will be found in the owner's manual, and you will need to follow them precisely to repair your opener.

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