How Does Manually Opening Your Garage Door Help Check Its Torsion Springs?

If your garage door isn't working normally, then you might suspect it has a torsion spring problem. However, if your springs don't look broken or stretched, or if they aren't making unusual noises, then you generally can't tell if they are the cause of the problem. At this stage, it helps to open your garage door manually to see how it works. If you have the following problems when you do this, then you might need to have your torsion springs repaired or replaced.

Important Safety Measures When Approaching New Garage Door Installations

If you're replacing a garage door, an important part of this replacement is getting the new door in place. You can keep this garage door install safe and controlled the entire time if you just take these measures. Verify Garage Door and Supporting Parts Are in Great Condition  To start a new garage door installation, you'll want to carefully inspect the new garage door and its supporting parts to make sure they're in great condition.

Springs Make Your Garage Door Open

Your garage door requires springs in order to work. The springs are supposed to counteract the pull of gravity on your garage door. Without any springs, the door will be too heavy for you to lift up and open. There are two common kinds of springs that might be part of your garage door. One is extension springs, and the other is torsion springs. They do the same thing, lift the garage door, but they do it in different ways.