How Does Manually Opening Your Garage Door Help Check Its Torsion Springs?

If your garage door isn't working normally, then you might suspect it has a torsion spring problem. However, if your springs don't look broken or stretched, or if they aren't making unusual noises, then you generally can't tell if they are the cause of the problem.

At this stage, it helps to open your garage door manually to see how it works. If you have the following problems when you do this, then you might need to have your torsion springs repaired or replaced.

Your Door Won't Open At All

When you use your emergency disengage device, then you should be able to open your garage door manually. Here, you disconnect the door from its opening system enough to open it by hand; however, its springs still stay active and in place. So, you can use this operation to test the springs.

If you switch to manual operation but can't open the door at all, then you might have a torsion spring problem. However, fully-stuck doors can have various causes, so you should call out a garage door repair specialist for an accurate diagnosis.

Your Door Opens And Then Sticks

Sometimes, a garage door will open a few inches before sticking in that position. You won't be able to open it any further.

If your door has two springs, you might notice that you can move one side of the door but not the other. This indicates that one of your springs is damaged but the other is OK. If you can't open the door any further at all, then you could have a problem with both springs or their systems.

Your Door Doesn't Stay Up

Sometimes, garage doors will go up manually but they won't stay up. Try raising the door to various heights. While retaining a hold on the door so that it doesn't crash shut, take your weight off it periodically and see if it stays up or starts to close.

If the door stays up at all heights, then your problem might not be related to your springs. If it starts to close at any point, then you probably have a spring problem.

Your Door Feels Heavy

Garage doors are heavy. However, you shouldn't feel this weight when you manually open the door if its springs are working.

If your door feels heavy at any point when you try to open it, then let it down gently and carefully. This is a sign that your springs can't hold the weight of the door any longer.

For more help, contact your garage door repair service such as Raynor Door Company.