Make Your Own Carriage-House Garage Door For A Fraction Of The Retail Price

When you're looking for a traditional carriage-house garage door, you may experience sticker shock. These types of garage doors are among the most expensive of them all, with prices reaching close to $2,000. But, you don't need to put yourself in the poor house just to get a new garage door. Instead, follow these instructions to learn how to make a new door for a fraction of the retail price tag:

3 Problems Causing Your Garage Door's Crooked Cycles

You've used your garage door on a daily basis for the past several years. Whether you're beginning your morning commute, pulling lawn tools out of your garage, or simply letting in some fresh air, you've been able to press a button on your wall and have your door open without a problem. However, your door is now becoming more and more crooked each time you cycle your door. Instead of ignoring this problem, inspect your door assembly for one of these issues:

Is It Your Garage Door Opener -- Or Something Else?

You've invested a pretty penny in your home, including the garage door and garage door opener, so you're understandably upset now that you can't get the garage door to function correctly (or at all). But a little knowledge and a clear head can help you troubleshoot the situation so you can tell whether the problem lies in the garage door opener or in some other part of this mechanical assembly. Here are some specific questions that lead you to the necessary answers.

Garage Door Not Closing Properly? You May Need To Adjust The Closing Force Or Travel Limit

Garage door openers are usually among the most reliable pieces of equipment in a home, especially considering how much work they perform during their lifetimes. However, there are occasional problems that arise with openers, and that's why it's important for you to know how to make simple repairs and adjustments. One such such problem is a door that begins closing or closes, stops, and reverses into its open position. Below is more information on how to correct the problem and get your garage door opener functioning smoothly:

3 Ways To Makeover Your Garage Door

If your garage door is not adding any value or beauty to your home, it might be time to do something with it. You can transform the way your home looks by having the right garage doors on your house, and here are three ways you could makeover your garage doors. Replace The Door While this is an obvious choice if you want to improve the way your garage door looks, it is often the best option because it offers a brand new door.