Have A Stuck Garage Door? Here Are 3 Possible Reasons Why This May Happen

You rely on your garage door every day, and you expect it to work perfectly at all times. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to close or open your door to find that it doesn't work as you expect. It could be that it closes or open halfway or gets stuck along its track in the process. When this happens, ensure that you confirm the issue has nothing to do with dead batteries. If this isn't the cause of your problem, there are different things that your garage door repair specialist can confirm. Here are a few you should know.

1. They'll inspect for broken door springs or pulley

Your garage door spring and pulley system is the mechanism responsible for pulling your garage door along its track when you close or open it. Therefore, if your pulley is obstructed or the spring is broken, your door may get stuck halfway when you open. A broken garage door spring is a common problem that requires the expertise of an experienced garage door repair technician. Note that trying to repair it yourself can lead to severe injuries.

2. You could have a faulty garage door opener

If you have a faulty garage door opener, the chances are that your garage door won't operate efficiently. On the other hand, when your garage door sticks and you notice a grinding noise from the garage door opener, the problem could be the garage door opener engine. If this is the case, you should contact a garage door repair expert to come and inspect the garage door opener main drive gear and advice whether you need garage door replacement.

3. There are issues along the garage door tracks

When your garage door sticks along the tracks, objects like a rubber ball, leaves, and rocks could be the source of your problem. So, it's advisable to inspect and clean any blockage on the tracks closely. If this doesn't solve your problem, contact a garage door repair technician to check your door track. One of the common track problems is dislodged rollers. If your garage door rollers have jumped off the track, then your door is likely to open halfway and get stuck. Following a careful inspection, your garage door replacement technician will advise whether this is the cause of your problem. 

If your garage door gets stuck along its tracks, the few tips highlighted above will help you determine the cause of your problem. While there are simple fixes to some of the issues causing your garage door to stick, it's crucial to seek professional help.

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