Replacing Your Old Garage Door With A New Aluminum Door

If the garage door on your home is old and starting to show its age, you may want to have a new aluminum garage door installation or replacement done. There are many options for doors and accessories that can make a new door more efficient and convenient, and you can choose a style that will match the outside of your home so it blends in easily.

Ordering A New Door

Once you decide to replace the garage door on your home with a new one, hiring an aluminum garage door installation company to do the work can make the job easier. The door company can help you choose the style of garage door that you want to use on your home, and then measure the opening and order the correct one to fit your garage. 

There are several different kinds of aluminum garage doors that you can choose from, including insulated, vinyl-clad, and very basic aluminum painted doors that are great for cost savings if you don't need any of the extras on your door. The door company can go over the benefits of each with you then help you choose a door to use in your situation.

If you want to add or replace a door opener, this is an excellent time to order it so your installer can put it up during the aluminum garage door installation. There are many different openers on the market to choose from, so spend some time looking at the options so you are sure to get one that will work with your door and have the features you need.

Installing Your New Door

When your new garage door is ready, the aluminum garage door installers will bring it to your home, remove the old door and hardware, and get the new one ready to go into place. The tracks need to be installed first, then the panels are set in place one at a time and the rollers and hinges are added to each panel as they are stacked on to the first.

If the tracks are installed correctly, they will be level, and the door panels will level to the tracks as they are put in. Once all the panels are in place, the aluminum garage door installers will connect the springs and cables that assist in opening the door then adjust the door, so it rolls up and down comfortably. 

Adding an opener to the system is not difficult, and the installers can do that for you while they are there. If there is an existing opener, the installer can reuse the wiring for the switch and the power with the new door opener. The installers will also put a safety switch in to stop the door if anyone or anything enters the doorway while the door is in motion.