3 Ways That Upgrading To A Smart Garage Door Opener Helps Protect You From Theft

With home automation becoming more popular, garage door opener manufacturers have begun adding smart home features to their models. These allow you to control your garage door using your smartphone rather than a key fob you place in your car or carry on your person. In addition to being more convenient to use than traditional openers, smart garage door openers help protect your home from theft as well. Below, you'll find three reasons why a smart garage door opener helps prevent unauthorized entry to your home.

1. Stops You From Accidentally Leaving the Garage Door Open

If you forget to close your garage door after you leave for work or after you return home, you're opening up your garage to theft. Even if a burglar can't access the rest of your home from your garage, the garage itself may still contain items that can attract thieves. After all, many people use their garages for storage as well as parking their cars.

Smart garage door openers protect you from this risk by allowing you to close the door from anywhere. The garage door is controlled by an app that you install on your smartphone, so you'll be able to open or close your garage door as long as you have your phone on you. You'll also be able to easily check whether your door is open or closed by using the app.

In addition, most smart garage door openers have a feature that lets you automatically close the door after a short period of time. When your garage door closes automatically, there's almost no risk of leaving it open accidentally. If you need to keep your garage door open while you're working in the yard or cleaning out your garage, you can easily disable it temporarily.

2. Allows You to Create One-Time Access Keys

If you won't be at home when someone needs to access your garage, a smart garage door opener provides you with a secure way to do this. You're able to create a PIN code that will only open the garage door once. If you're expecting a delivery, for example, you give the one-time code to the delivery person so that they can safely stow your delivered item inside your garage. You won't have to provide them with the code that you normally use to open your garage door, which helps keep your garage safe.

3. Can Be Connected to a Camera That Activates Whenever the Door Is Open

Finally, high-end smart garage door openers are paired with a camera that allows you to see what happens in your garage. The camera will record video as long as your garage door is open, and you're able to play back the video on your smartphone. Having an automatic camera allows you to keep an eye on strangers who are entering your garage, such as delivery people or contractors.

Upgrading to a smart garage door opener helps to keep your home safe from theft by preventing unwanted entry and providing you with a recording of anyone who enters. If you're still using an older garage door opener with no smart features, it's a good idea to upgrade—even high-end smart models are inexpensive, and it will provide your home with an extra layer of protection.

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