3 Benefits Of A New Garage Door

According to Home Advisor, homeowners can expect a whopping 85 percent return on their investment when they get a new garage door. In addition to a great return, there are other benefits to a new garage door, too. Here's a look at three advantages.

You'll Increase Curb Appeal

Many modern homes are built with attached garages rather than separate garages. They also tend to take up a substantial amount of the overall house design. Some are even in the forefront, meaning it's the first thing people notice. If you have a house plan like this, you want your garage door to look good. Even if the rest of your house is in pristine condition, an old, rickety garage door is going to decrease the overall aesthetics.

Residential garage doors are also far more attractive today. If you have an older home with an older garage door, it is most likely simply utilitarian. You can add to the architectural appeal of your home with a garage door that is more suited to its style. For example, your home may look best with a garage door with raised panels and trimmed windows that better match the rest of the home.

You May Save Money

Attached garages almost always have a room above it as well as adjacent living space. This can lead to uncomfortably hot or cold rooms depending on your climate. New garage doors are much better insulated than their counterparts of the past. When you cut down on cold drafts or hot air from getting in, your garage and the living spaces attached to it will stay at a more consistent temperature. You may also want to talk to your garage door services specialist about adding insulation to the garage walls at the same time you get your new garage door. Don't forget to replace the service entry door as well as the door that leads into the house. These changes will help save on your heating and cooling bills.

Your Home Will Be More Secure

Old garage doors are easily broken into by would-be intruders. They are easy to pry open, and if the garage door has windows, they are often only made of single-pane glass, which require no effort to break. Once a burglar enters your garage, they will have access to expensive tools, lawn and garden equipment, and your vehicles. It won't take much more effort to gain entry to your home. A new garage door will provide a better deterrent to criminals than a home with an old one will.