Unique Ways To Use Overhead Doors In Your Home

Garage doors are no longer only for the garage. Garage doors, also known as overhead doors, can replace walls and doors in your home to give your living space a fresh new look. Here are some great ideas for adding a garage door to your house, along with the benefits of doing so.


If you have people over often, having a garage door in your kitchen is a great way to entertain. On a beautiful day, you can open the door and allow people to sit inside or outside without blocking anyone off from the group. The large open area will give you space to mingle with several guests without people being stuck outdoors or taking up too much space in your home.

If you are trying to cook several things at once, the garage door will allow you to have easy access to your stove and your grill. You can keep your grill just outside the kitchen, allowing you to cook in both areas at once with ease. Your guests won't have to wait for food and you want have to run in and out a small door to keep an eye on the food.

Living room

A garage door attached to your living room will give your family a large space to spend time together. You can open the garage door and allow your kids to play outside without worry. You can watch TV or read a book on your couch while enjoying the weather and the view. You don't have to limit the overhead door to an outdoor wall either. If you like open floor plans but don't want to sacrifice privacy, you can replace an interior wall with an overhead door. You can keep it closed when you want the wall in place, and open it when you're ready to open up your home.

When your children have friends over, having the wall in place will reduce noise and allow them to play alone. If you decide you need to keep an eye on them or invite friends over and need extra space, you can open the door to make your home feel larger.


An overhead door on one of your outside bedroom walls would be a wonderful addition to a master suite. In the afternoon, you can open the door and enjoy the beautiful sunshine right from your bedroom. If you and your spouse want to enjoy a romantic evening at home, you can open the overhead door and gaze at the stars without ever having to leave your bed. You can go for a walk and go right back through your bedroom door when you are finished.

Much like the living room, you can have bedroom overhead doors put in interior walls. If your children have bedrooms side-by-side, you can put an overhead door in the connecting wall. Your children can keep it closed to enjoy their privacy from each other. If they want to sleep together or have friends over, they can open the overhead door to accommodate a giant sleepover. Opening the door would turn their separate bedrooms into one big room.


Having a new baby is nerve-wrecking. Leaving your baby alone where you can't see them may make you nervous. Having an overhead door can remedy the problem. You can put an overhead door in the interior wall that leads out into the hallway. You can keep it open during the day so the nursery is wide-open while your baby naps. It may make you more comfortable at night too because you can hear and access your infant more easily through the large open door.

Overhead doors come in many sizes. You can put an overhead door on almost any interior or exterior wall. They will give you extra space or extra privacy whenever you want. For more information, contact a local garage door company.